Amateur Open :

Info Division is active.
185 total teams.
Description Any registered player can create a new team in the Amateur Open Division. Teams gain ranking by playing against and beating equally rated opponents. At the end of the season, teams compete in playoffs for a right to join the Pro division.

Top Players

Best Forward

Best Halfback

Best Fullback

Best Goalie

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Recent Matches

51 total matches.

Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 22 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 14
Tiny_untitled-1 s3 10 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 0
Tiny_untitled-1 s3 31 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 6
Tiny_untitled-1 s3 0 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 53
Tiny_5original_tree_hugger OTH 51 Tiny_8original_untitled-1 NOCR 90
Tiny_5original_tree_hugger OTH 35 Tiny_8original_untitled-1 NOCR 125
Tiny_5original_tree_hugger OTH 57 Tiny_witchdoctor VW 55
Tiny_5original_tree_hugger OTH 126 Tiny_witchdoctor VW 27
Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 6 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 7
Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 0 Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 0

Amateur Open MVP

44226 XP


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