[IDf] Iskandar Dragonflies

State Team is active.
Team is recruiting.
Division Amateur Open
Season Record 0:2

Sometimes, big things come in small packages!

Welcome to the Iskandar Dragonflies, the Iskandar Dragoon's "farm team"!



Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

Current Season Stats

Offensive Stats

Minutes Played 213:42  
Possession 12:14 6%
Passing 34/42 81%
Assists 2  
Points 36  
Shots 5/15 33%
Runs 3/11 27%

Defensive Stats

Points Stopped 27/53 51%
Shots Stopped 19/34 56%
Runs Stopped 8/19 42%
Fumbles Caused 94  
KO Caused 191  
Deaths Caused 6  

Recent Matches

2 total matches.

Tiny_pluto_paladins_logo_by_andrewthemexican PLTO 67 Tiny_57d00e2ca5bc30d116e58063c17360a58fcfac57_full IDf 27
Tiny_57d00e2ca5bc30d116e58063c17360a58fcfac57_full IDf 9 Tiny_pluto_paladins_logo_by_andrewthemexican PLTO 39

Team MVP

9888 XP


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