[IF] Earth's Infinity

State Team is active.
Team is recruiting.
Division Amateur Open
Season Record 0:2


You have to be accepted by IF before applying here, check out the recruitment thread at the forums or find us in-game


Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

Current Season Stats

Offensive Stats

Minutes Played 210:21  
Possession 12:02 6%
Passing 29/44 66%
Assists 10  
Points 52  
Shots 8/17 47%
Runs 4/6 67%

Defensive Stats

Points Stopped 27/40 68%
Shots Stopped 15/22 68%
Runs Stopped 12/18 67%
Fumbles Caused 81  
KO Caused 181  
Deaths Caused 5  

Recent Matches

2 total matches.

Tiny_frost AF 41 Tiny_infinity logo new test IF 33
Tiny_frost AF 22 Tiny_infinity logo new test IF 19

Team MVP

64705 XP


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