[AF] Arctic Frostbites

State Team is active.
Team is not recruiting.
Division Amateur Open
Season Record 2:0

Because no one is as cool as us

Team Roster


8a2cacef94fa9dffbde4388c4e746127406f8f81_full Hamp L16


082a730539672401a5ded9d9f025838c9c960abd_full AlonTavor L13


9469f94b6932069fd7be9156f0a28d1876c9a57f_full Kiki L18
421d29fec7b624b5d97208071a52054b93293453_full monky L14
8da1ff6d0828f1b9eaaba2b377241fb6546e29e0_full Advert L5
223902b4afaa29988ba6564ef7b9f7b355394eef_full D_K_Head |ATK| L7
6b6d4feada70751b7c9b0403c46b9babafa43e1d_full Radaeron[TER] L2
E5d337c59bf4ba9831a66b905eafdbb79a09aa65_full KennyRogers [STS] L19


586031bdbf146fb51f38d49afd6c0080010b418e_full [NIGERIAN GAMERZ]\\\Ochhii\\\ L4


Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

Current Season Stats

Offensive Stats

Minutes Played 213:51  
Possession 12:12 6%
Passing 74/89 83%
Assists 14  
Points 63  
Shots 7/22 32%
Runs 6/18 33%

Defensive Stats

Points Stopped 11/22 50%
Shots Stopped 9/17 53%
Runs Stopped 2/5 40%
Fumbles Caused 135  
KO Caused 218  
Deaths Caused 4  

Recent Matches

2 total matches.

Tiny_frost AF 41 Tiny_infinity logo new test IF 33
Tiny_frost AF 22 Tiny_infinity logo new test IF 19

Team MVP

63966 XP


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Best Halfback

Best Fullback

Best Goalie

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